From 13 – 17 June 2016, TDW took part in the world leading international defence & securi-ty exhibition in Paris. With national and international official delegations and many business meetings, TDW never experienced such a success.

TDW focused the exchanges on current and future Warhead Systems for Army, Air Force and Navy. Among those, we are particularly proud to mention:

– The RADIUS® technology. Recently tested with two MK-82 demonstrators, this technology allows selecting the right amount of power to achieve the mission without collateral damage. It is now ready to be integrated in a broad range of weapon systems including various kinds of missiles, artillery shells and rockets or Precision Guided Bombs;

– Modular payloads for future generation missile systems to equip the Tiger Mk3 combat helicopter. This family of modular systems includes a high-end tandem shaped charge to defeat main battle tanks fitted with explosive reactive armour (ERA); a multi-effects warhead system to defeat unprotected, light, medium and heavy armoured vehicles, personnel in open ground and buried targets; and a RADIUS® equipped version to defeat soft and semi-hard targets with collateral damage management;

– The small calibre multi-effects warhead system for the shoulder-launched guided weapon system Enforcer. This high-end and cost-effective solution enables to defeat soft and semi-hard targets, distributed or covered behind walls or within buildings;
We look forward to seeing you again during IDEX 2017, The International Defence Exhibi-tion and Conference, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi taking place from 19 – 23 February 2017, where TDW will present their advanced products and concepts.